Case Analysis

To learn about the Treatment Plan Tracker System® and the Case Presentation Training, an appointment will be set with the Executive Director Chris Rybacki, the developer of the system and training.

If you want me to call your Cell number, I will send you a text to confirm the time that we can talk.
If we are calling your front office, please notify them that you will be receiving a call from Chris Rybacki's Office WildFireExpansion. Otherwise, they will assume we are just solicitors and not put the call through to you. In my own practice I ensured that calls were not put through to me unless I notified my front desk of calls to accept. I'm going to assume it is similar in your office as well.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Have you and all your staff been trained on Case Presentation?(Required)
Do you have a weekly meeting on who accepted treatment plans and who did not?(Required)
Do you and the staff know what to do when a patient says “I want to think about it”, “I need to talk to my spouse”, “let me get back with you as I'm really busy” or “I'm going on vacation”?(Required)
Do you have very definite protocol on how to help a patient through the decision-making process to help them achieve case acceptance of their treatment plan?*(Required)
In order for both you and us to determine if what we offer and implement is a fit for your practice, it is necessary that we talk with the owner of the practice.(Required)
Do you have a Treatment Coordinator?(Required)
Do you know and Track your % of Case Acceptance?(Required)